carina fihn

Two print series The brain is wider than the sky and Freuds carpet / A colour library

Photopolymer etchings | edition 10

Exhibition installation including an Artists´book.

Oblivion / Lake of dreams

Screenprint on fabric | embrodery | 200 cm x 107 cm

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

A series of seven drypoints | relief text | installed on wooden shelves | edition 10 

A Vanishing Point

A series of six | lithography | edition 10 

Cut Out This Arrow

Photopolymer etching | edition 35  

Skogen som ingenting glömmer

A series of eight | lithography | edition 10  

Smärre berättelser (minor stories)

Installation | Artists´book | lithography, etching, text 

Till Dig

Etching |  Japan paper, copper plate, plexi 

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