"Smärre berättelser" ( Minor Tales ) 2006-2008

An Artist´s book in a major format. No beginning, no ending, allowing the eye to move here and there across the surface.
Observations. Imperceptible movements. Unheard voices. Unspoken words.
A homage to all the stories we never will hear. Or want to hear.
During two years I collect empty book pages. Tearing them out of old books I get or find at the fleemarket. Five hundred blank pages and I fill them with new images and new words. The images are originally photos I´ve taken of people and places. Motives briefly passing by. Everyday situations. Minor stories.
The photos are transferred on to litho plates and printed on the book pages.
An old typewriter and some copper plates was also used.
The words were inspired by what I saw, heard and read. By life itself, politics, love and the uncertainty it brings.

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©carina fihn