Dream Factory

A collaboration and a work in progress by the artists Carina Fihn, Göteborg and Hildegard Skowasch, Berlin
A project on the irrational, the subconscious and night dreams. With psychoanalysis, philosophy, myths and science as inspirational sources and with a starting point in their own written dreams the artists relate freely to language, interpretation, translation and visualization.
The first part of Dream Factory was shown at The Bakery, a show room for experiments and growing projects at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg, 12-17 April 2016
The project contained of a dream collection "The brain is wider than the sky – Hypnagogia Bank", a big cloud of branches (markvast), a Freudian coach, small drawings and objects, shadows and two typewriters.
The audience were asked to contribute to the dream bank
with their dreams and in return get a small multiple signed by the artists.
At two occasions the artists made a reading performance, in Swedish and German, from the dream notes of surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim

An experiment with sleeping in the gallery during a cold night resulted in bad sleep and not much of dreaming.

© Carina Fihn & Hildegard Skowasch 2016