Carina Fihn / Marie Palmgren with guests at Grafik I Väst Gallery, Göteborg 10.10 -12.10 2014

A collaborative exhibition/social event where our purpose was to transform the gallery from a white exhibition room to a kind of temporary studio, a welcoming space for work and talks. A place where the public could meet not only the art work but also artistic processes. And if they wanted, take a coffee or a glas of wine.
During three days we moved in at
Grafik I Väst Gallery, covered the walls with screenprinted wallpapers, images and objects, furnished with tables and chairs from our studios and invited three artists each day to come and present some work in progress. There was a mixture of expressions and material like drawings, Artists´books, poetry-performance, video, a transportable print workshop, objects, embroidery and collage.

The invited artists were Claudia Aranda, Jim Berggren, Kerstin Björk, Anna Carlsson, Peter Eccher, Camilla Engman, Lars Fernell, Birgitta Käll and Erik Melin.